Data Recovery

Bring your device (hard drive, flash drive, ssd drive) to Alhambra Computer Services first!

We can determine if a dedicated Data Recovery Center is needed. It is not always needed and we can save you hundreds of dollars.

1) Data-level issues (performed by ACS) - logical level corruption only. The drive is readable, but some damage was caused to the logical structure of the data written on it.  2) Disk-level issues (partially performed by ACS) - general drive read instabilities, such as bad sectors caused by degraded heads, minor platter scratches, occasional firmware exceptions, etc. Drives with these issues are partially failed, but they can still be read with the right tool without major repairs.  3) Drive-level issues (outsourced to qualified 3rd parties) - complete drive failure, such as crashed heads, fried pcb, heavy firmware corruption, etc. These drives are completely crashed and most of them will require physical repairs in a class 100 clean air environment.

What are bad sectors? Click here.
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