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Alhambra Computer Services

Remote Support
Remote Support per Incident

$24.99 per 15 minutes. $24.99 minimum rounded up.

$69.99 Tune-Up

$89.99 Virus Malware Removal

Consulting $29.99 per 15 minutes. $29.99 minimum rounded up.

Remote Support Maintenance
Performed once a month for one year. Does not cover on-site repairs or parts.

$299.99 One year for 1 PC. Billed $25.00 per month for 12 months plus $99.99 setup fee.

$99.99 setup fee.

Save money by adding up to 3 PC's and by paying in full!
We will waive the setup fee valued at $99.99.

$299.99 for 1 PC. Save $99.99 in setup fees.

$549.99 for 2 PC's. Savings of $249.97.

$799.99  for 3 PC's. Save $299.97 in setup fees

Is your computer secure from threats? Is your computer infected with hidden viruses and malware and not know it? Is your solution one of the best? Is your computer running slow? Have you considered Peace of Mind Computing if you have kids or for your parents? Consider Remote Computer Maintenance! Once a month we remote into your computer and perform routine maintenance checks and a tune-up for peace of mind computing.

Step 1: Contact us to inquire about your specific issue and to discuss the remote support fee.

Step 2: Remit payment.

Step 3: Click on icon at top to initiate a Remote Support Session.
Alhambra Computer Services
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