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Data Recovery
80% Data Recovery Success Rate!

Don't play Russian roulette with your data! The first attempt at recovery is the most important. If you needed brain surgery would you search for the lowest priced surgeon or the best in the business? Lower quotes may mean lower quality service, compromised data, ineffective tools or technology, or even SCAMS.

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Turnaround time
 Priority (Additional $100 fee) 
 Standard 5-7 Business Days. Longer for severed cases. 
We offer Priority Service! We start on your drive within one hour of receiving it at headquarters and don't stop till it's finished depending on the problem with the drive and amount of data needing to be recovered. Priority Service is $100 paid up-front (non-refundable) and $100 due upon completion (if successful, in addition to standard rates).
Describe previous data recovery attempts (if any).
Prior attempts may increase the recovery fee.
How was the data lost (leave blank if you don't know)?
out of the blue, dropped, deleted by accident, run over by car, etc.
Symptoms or Cause *
 Clicking or Grinding 
 Burning smell 
 Won't boot 
 Won't spin 
 Virus infection 
List only the most important files needing to be recovered (do not write "everything")* *
ex: jpg, doc, xls, pdf, favorites, desktop, accounting, aol, pst etc.
Will you "provide" a new drive to move the recovered data to? *
If you choose to "provide" an external drive (must be no greater than 2TB and NOT a NAS drive), you need to include it when sending the bad drive. You may NOT send a transfer drive afterwards. If you don't include your transfer drive with your bad drive, you must buy one from us.
I will "buy" an external drive from Alhambra Computer Svc. *
If you will "buy" a drive from us, please select your desired drive.
Select any that apply (these are rare cases, less than 10% of the drives we receive). If you are not sure, we will let you know if there are any applicable extra fees before we start working on your drive.
 My hard drive is still inside my computer (possible $65 removal fee depending on computer model, non-refundable) 
 My hard drive is larger than 2TB ($100 extra, only if recovery is successful) 
 My drive is encrypted or contains Western Digital Smartware ($100 extra, only if recovery is successful) 
 My drive is a portable external hard drive with a a USB port built directly into the PCB - ($100 extra, only if recovery is successful) 
 My drive's cover (not the hard drive's "enclosure") has been opened ($50 up-front fee, non-refundable, put towards successful recovery) 
 My hard drive is part of a RAID (RAIDs are charged per drive, unless a simple RAID 1 "mirrored" RAID) 
Please read disclaimer below, agree, and sign your name.
I have read and agree to Alhambra Computer Services Terms and Conditions. *
Type your name or sign if printed. I (client) agree to the terms and agreements of Alhambra Computer Services. If you are submitting this form electronically, then by doing so, you are agreeing that such submission constitutes your signature, acceptance and agreement as if actually signed by you in writing and has the same force and effect as a signature affixed by hand.
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